ART WORLD Q & A: Edition 2

ART WORLD Q & A: Edition 2


In the second edition of ART WORLD Q & A, we met with Chicago based artist Ann Toebbe to gain some perspective on the artist and her work.

1. What's your favorite place to see art?

I’ve lived in Chicago for ten years. My two favorite art venues are The Arts Club of Chicago and The Chicago Cultural Center.  These institutions are beautiful, under trafficked, and free spaces that consistently mount great shows and support emerging artists.

2. What's the most indispensable item in your studio?

My ruler.

3. What's the first artwork you ever sold?

When I was twenty I sold a group of 15 figurative messy drawings drawn in ketchup for $100. They were in an undergraduate group exhibition at the Cleveland Institute of Art. At the time, 1994, I was focused on buffet pot luck style meals served at family get togethers.

4. What's your art world pet peeve?

The uncertainty of it all. What is success? There are periods of intense deadlines, acknowledgement, and demand or there’s silence.

5. What work of art do you wish you owned?

Florine Stettheimer’s 1919 painting “Heat.”

6. Who is your favorite living artist?

Robert Gober

7. What international art destination would you most like to visit?

I would like to travel in India, but primarily visit Delhi, to explore the Mughal painting collections in the museums and to check out the contemporary art scene. In a strange twist of fate when I was in London a couple years ago I went to the Victoria Albert Museum to see their extensive collection of Mughal paintings and the South Asian galleries were closed for renovations!