Jinhee Kang

I am interested in artificiality, mimicry and the act of copying/pasting and how these permeate into our contemporary culture. The action of copying and pasting not only appears in the computer screen but also in human behavior. It is now common for people to mimic somebody’s appearance by following their fashion, lifestyle or undergo plastic surgery.

The plastic surgery culture, for example, is not only the significant part of my work but also how people try to be the model of what society expects. People tend to setup a box, rule or standard to fit themselves into it or push others to fit into it. This psychological behavior is represented with some metaphors in my work. The form of a box in my work is the metaphor of this phenomenon and of human objectification. What I seek to do is not to depict the narrative of this idea, but for the work to be a metaphor of my ideas through its content and the process of making the piece.

My work has gradually changed visually through the same concept. I am developing a process of work by adapting new painting methods such as Photoshop tools, digital print and sewing on canvas. The primary process of my work is to make a small collage with magazines and found images; draw/paint on top of the collage; take a photograph of the collage; print the photograph of the collage in a bigger scale; paint on top of the printed image. There is no particular order and therefore the process of painting, printing and collaging change from piece to piece.

The act of painting, collaging and digital printing relate to the concept of my work, whereby the fragmented images of the human body and nature are rearranged and reshaped to make a new image. In the process of making each piece I am operating a surgery on found and created images, and the paint on top becomes like make-up, i.e. a finishing touch.

I want to develop these significant ideas and the combination of digital and analogue techniques further not only through painting but also other forms of art such as installation, sculpture and photography. My practice allows me to show viewers our contemporary culture as well as a new experience and fluidity of painting. I am excited by the potential of such forms and to further explore the concepts behind my work.

For more information:

Website: jinheekang.com
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