debra losada

artist statement

My paintings come to tangible form through a process of continuous change. Each time I approach the surface, it’s information (feeling, tone, surface, color and memory) changes. It is an investigation of how what is not visible in existance comes to be so. It is an invitation to explore beyond what we think is possible, to develop another kind of a relationship with uncertainty and the unknown. It is a relationship that embraces and expresses the dualistic expressions of the magical wonderment of creation itself, and the transformative power of death.

My paintings are about ways of seeing: ways which are simultaneously real and abstract. Vaporous congestions, they elicit “cloud”, forms without form, ever shifting and changing. The light and dark contrast of color in the paintings generates a friction of opposing forces that gives a sense of movement through space.

Clouds have always been found in painting and as poetic metaphor. They create a mood, describe an atmosphere; they represent something not clear, or unseen. Jorge Luis Borges’s poems, “Clouds” (I) and (II), are an inspiration for my visual vocabulary. Borges speaks of the relationship of the dissolving nature of cloud forms to the shifting and changing of our imaginitive perception, the cycles of time, and to the shifting changing nature of life itself.