Kim Sobel – Where Shadows Should Have Been

KIM SOBEL Where Shadows Should Have Been, April 8 – May 2012

Trailside Gallery, Northhampton, MA

The Trailside Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition of recent works by local artist Kim Sobel. With this exhibition, Sobel continues to experiment with sublime color and lush layers of abstract imagery that delivers the viewer to their own utopia. A connection with the spontaneity of nature is evident with the spirals of color and form that take on a life of their own as they engulf the canvas with powerful force. Calculated technique is surpassed by Sobel’s curiosity at what lies beneath the surface, resulting in layer upon layer of deep texture, stripped away, then revisited again with fresh ideas. The title of the exhibition comes from Sobel’s painting by the same name, where her meticulous use of acrylic, gamsol, oil, and wax exemplify this whirlpool of deliberate and impulsive composition. One cannot help but be seduced by the tangible rhythm these ribbons of color evoke. Sobel takes on a softer approach to abstraction, steering away from the more formal, traditional method. Brush strokes intersect with one another, bold colors intertwine in such a way that it almost becomes figurative. The dialogue between color and form further create the illusion of imagery. Luckily for the viewer, this is only the first stop on Sobel’s journey as we are invited to explore our own imagination and challenge our perspective again and again with each painting in the exhibition. It is an adventure worth the ride.