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The Art of Navigating Art Fairs

One of the best ways to see a lot of art in a short amount of time is to visit an art fair. They can be less intimidating than a gallery and an accessible and fun way to discover work by new artists all in one place.

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Buying Original, Affordable Artwork Online

The popularity of buying original artwork online has grown exponentially over the past five years. Novice collectors can educate themselves from the comfort of their home, perusing websites and researching those artists whose work they are drawn to. Gone are the days where one has to break

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Discovering that ‘universal insecurity’ in technology

BY TRACEY O’SHAUGHNESSY | REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN Saturday, October 19, 2013 If you are the sort of person frequently flummoxed by technology, such that you have occasionally considered hurling an appliance across the wall (not that we encourage this), you might want to amble over to the old Bantam

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LivWill Art Pop-Up Gallery Comes to Litchfield

By JULIE BOGEN Everyone knows that the art industry is notorious for its inconsistent nature, competitive career field, and varying media. Though many in the business have recently felt economic pressure, art consultant Jennifer Terzian has succeeded in combining her love of contemporary art and working with

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Art with a little pop

BY TRACEY O’SHAUGHNESSY REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN Ann Toebbe’s paintings look a bit like paper doll houses that have been pulled apart. The walls lay on their sides. The windows sit flat against the canvas. Christmas trees, kitchen tables, con­soles, end tables and quilts press against planes like vinyl Colorforms

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